Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Photo Shoot

Yesterday after Paxton's nap, he wanted to go outside. I realized that Jared and I haven't been very good about using the real camera lately, so I took that out with us.

For some reason, Paxton and Sticker are besties. Paxton likes Scarlett but he LOVES Sticker, and against all odds, Sticker likes Pax too.

Paxton also likes flowers. He is pretty gentle most of the time but definitely likes to touch.

After about ten minutes of playing outside, he couldn't resist the pool any longer. He hopped in, clothes and all before I could stop him.

He thinks the hose is the neatest thing ever.

I love these moments where he's all little boy. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of the laundry I'm going to have to do later, but this is what being a little boy is all about, so I take a deep breath and laugh with him as the freezing water from the hose splashes his face...and I try not to think about how next summer, there will be two of them.

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