Thursday, April 25, 2013

Paxton Day!

Jared and I decided we wanted to have a special day with Paxton before his little brother came. We planned it for today which just happened to be the day before P2's birthday.

After breakfast and Mickey we headed to Target to get the boys some big brother/little brother presents. Pax picked out the elephant (of course) and we picked a frog for P2.

Then we headed to Hafer Park and took a little walk.

We thought Pax would like feeding the ducks so we brought some bread. Once he figured out that it was just a matter of throwing things in the pond, he was hooked. After he threw his bread, he picked up the little boy's car you can see in the picture and launched it towards the pond. Jared did some crazy football maneuver and saved the car.

(There's P2)

After the pond we headed to the playground.

3 months ago he was terrified of going down slides. Now, he literally jumps down the slides. Even the big ones. He's learned that he can go faster on his tummy because his shoes don't slow him down.

He even learned how to climb back up the slide instead of going up the steps. He went through several years of evolution of playing on the playground at once.

He even enjoyed the slide that looks like it's from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

After his nap we went to get some fro yo.

I couldn't tell if he was more excited about the yogurt or the sticker that he got from the cashier.

Afterwards he played outside at home. We checked to see if he was ready for Midnight. A rocking horse that was made by Jared's Great-Grandfather. It has been in every Miller boy's childhood for three generations. He's not quite ready but Midnight will be patiently waiting like he's been doing for almost 60 years.

Paxton's last day was bitter sweet. We're excited for the arrival P2 but we'll always remember the days of Paxton getting all of our attention. Watching those two grow up and be best friends will be a rewarding experience.

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  1. Love it! All of it. I love that Pax chucked the kid's car at the pond, I love the sneak peek of P2, his park adventure, and Midnight. So sweet!