Monday, April 22, 2013

The Big Brother

Now that Paxton is two, I said I wouldn't keep up with his monthly updates anymore. But, he is 25 months old today and that happens to coincide with his last few days as our only child and I thought it might be nice to document what he's up to as he becomes a big brother.

-He is still not talking as much as he should be and still isn't using pronouns or putting two words together. He has started trying harder (sometimes) to pronounce words correctly. Lately, a few words that used to be "dada" are closer to their correct pronunciation. He now says buh-buh for bubble instead of dada and he can also say "pee" if his diaper is wet or poopy. He tends to over-use this one and asks for a new diaper constantly...and then throws a fit when we change him. He also says baby really clearly and has started making the P sound for the baby's name.

-He has learned all the body parts we can think of to teach him. His newest ones are cheek, fingers and shoulders. He understands pretty much everything we say and has started answering questions with "no" when he doesn't want something. He has also started wearing my shoes around the house a lot.

-He is very active and isn't scared of anything. We had a big thunderstorm a few nights ago with crazy loud thunder (the kind my sister was scared of until she was about 14). Paxton never flinched and went to sleep right in the middle of it with no trouble. He climbs everything and then stands on top of it. He loves to jump too. He chipped his front tooth on the table at McDonald's on Friday while he was trying to climb on the table. He is totally fine and it isn't even a bad chip, but we were really upset because it made us realize that we are really in charge of keeping this little guy safe and we didn't. Nobody else is going to step in if we make silly decisions or put him in danger. It really hit home how big of a responsibility this is.

-Is eating less than he has been. He is also pickier. He will not eat meat unless it's on a cheeseburger. He used to eat Chick-Fil-A nuggets but now he won't. He can't get enough fruit and will still eat PB&J's, spaghetti and waffles consistently. Other than that, he is a big fan of junk food...he likes chips and any kind of cookie or cupcake, fries, and candy.

-Lately he has been asking for which stuffed animals he wants to sleep with. After we put him in bed, he will point to the animal he wants through the crib slats and say "uh-oh". He has been asking to sleep with Scout the past few nights and naps. We weren't letting him have Scout in bed because he just plays with him, but the past few naps and nights he hasn't been playing with him.

-He has been really sweet lately and will give us kisses without us asking. He will also kiss the baby when we tell him to. He gave a little girl at church today several kisses in a row (sorry Blakely!). I love watching him grow up and can't wait to see him as a big brother!

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