Sunday, October 7, 2012


Named for the train stop we got off on to procure him, Roosevelt was our answer to the nagging guilt stemming from leaving our toddler behind for five days.

He was procured at the Build-a-Bear at Navy Pier. He was chosen with love, stuffed by a loving Daddy, given a "bath" by Mommy, and even was the recipient of a special message recorded by Mommy and Daddy.

But it doesn't end with two adults in a toy store, rubbing a satin heart on our faces for beauty, our muscles for strength and our hearts for love while a group of five-year-olds fidgeted impatiently behind us. We carried that little dog with us for the next two days of our trip and took pictures with him and of him throughout Chicago.

He visited Wrigley Field:

Ate Chicago dogs by the bean:

Checked out the killer views at Navy Pier:

Saw the fish at Rainforest Cafe:

Got nervous on the drawbridge by the Magnificent Mile:

Saw a model of Chicago a little closer to his size:

Checked out a robot at the Museum of Science and Industry:

And even got his own seat on the train:

(Hopefully this is something that means something to Pax someday, otherwise it was kind of an embarrassing way to travel around the city)

We gave it to him as soon as we got home out of sheer excitement. Approximately thirty seconds later, he had figured out how to activate the voice box...we have heard our special message non-stop since then. Every night we put him in bed with Roosevelt and his other stuffed friends and every night, as we close his door, the special message travels through his room, and activates twinges of the pride we felt in doing something special for our little boy, and a brief flashback of the awkward glances towards two adults pulling a Navy Pier t-shirt-wearing stuffed puppy out of a bag for a picture.

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