Monday, October 22, 2012


Paxton is 19 months old today. It has started off a little rough, he has had a fever for a few days now and a rash. We went to the doctor today and it turns out that he has a viral infection similar to the German Measles...that explains why his pictures are less active and smiley than usual.

At 19 months, Paxton:

-is trying to say everything we say. He doesn't really make the right sounds, but his tone and rhythm are always an exact match. Most new words sound a lot like dada. He has a little driving toy that he plays with in the car and it says "slow down", so now the whole time we're driving he says "slow down" to us. He also says "all gone" and hands us his cup if he wants more to drink. He says "hi", "bye", "love you", and "miss you" also.

-understands a lot of what we say. We were playing in his room one night and I teasingly told him to throw his shoe to Daddy. He picked it up off the floor and hurled it at Jared. He is also starting to make connections to different versions of things. While we were in the waiting room at the doctor's office, I showed him "fishies" in his book. He looked immediately over at the fish tank. He has done things like that several times now and I always think it's pretty cool.

-has added hand and knee to the body parts he can consistently point out. He pulls up his shirt and points to his belly button whenever he hears the word "button" in any context. He has started kind of blowing kisses and making a kissing noise.

-hates having his hair brushed but has gotten more patient with getting dressed. He is still wearing 18-24 month clothes and some 2T shirts and pajamas. We moved him up to size 5 diapers because he was drinking a lot more and leaking.

-has learned how to turn on and off the TV and the accessories (like the Blu Ray player). It is definitely one of his more annoying skills and it is not limited to our house. He is drawn to everyone's entertainment systems and always tries to turn things on and off.

-has started crawling again to be funny. He will crawl super fast and just crack up at himself. He can walk backwards and sideways and run without falling down. He will also walk holding our hands IF he feels like it. He has started standing up like a big kid, he will get up on one knee and stand up like a normal person instead of pushing up to all 4's and standing up. It's hard to explain but it makes him look really big. He is still climbing on the couch and other furniture every chance he gets, but he is much more careful up there now. He can always get down safely and he stays away from the edge really well.

-wants to eat whatever we are eating or drinking. He takes my cup and just starts drinking it constantly. Fortunately, with this pregnancy it's almost always water or Crystal Light so at least he isn't getting Coke. If we give him something different for dinner than what we have, he refuses to eat. He just reaches for what we have and says "unt dis" (I want this) until he gets it.

-loves smoothies, chocolate milk, pancakes, mandarin oranges, pasta, any kind of beans and powdered sugar donuts. He eats pretty much everything right now...I can't think of the last time he refused anything. He still throws things down when he's through eating at home but has gotten MUCH more pleasant at restaurants. The last several times we have been, he has eaten a ton of food, thrown nothing down and been really sweet. He figured out coloring on 10/13 and he will do that for a few seconds instead of eating the crayons.

-has learned how to work most of his toys. Now instead of dragging his Sing Along Elmo to wherever I am all day, he can just push the button and make it sing.

-has learned how to give hugs. He lays his head down on your chest and snuggles in. It is precious.

He is such a fun little boy and this month, his personality is really starting to show. He is definitely an oldest child: he loves attention and making us laugh. He is independent but likes to be close to me. He likes to have a routine, and is starting to recognize what comes next. He has really bonded with Jared this month and has special games he will only play with him. He is learning something new almost every day.

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