Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Wow, I haven't posted in a long time! I don't like going that long between posts because I forget what we've been up to!

Here's the catch-up:

1. Paxton is still obsessed with Scarlett. He likes to try to get her to chase him.

YouTube Video

2. We celebrated my birthday! We got lots of family time in and some delicious meals: Homerun Sliders with Granny V, Uncle Josh and Candy; Poblano Grill with Grandpa, Uncle Josh and Uncle Mason, and Granny Pat; BJ's with Gramsy and the aunts, and Harry Caray's with Jared. I got lots of amazing presents (including a bread maker and a trip to Chicago!).

Happy birthday singing:

Pax even wore his I love Mom shirt and took a picture with me:

3. Paxton is officially obsessed with Cheeto's. He grabbed one off my plate one day and whines for them every time he sees the bag.

He even got the bag down from the table and had a little floor snack:

4. He finally mastered the wave!! We have been trying to get him to wave since he was 10 months. He always just looked at us like it was the dumbest thing. He finally decided maybe he wasn't too cool for it and will wave and say "bah bah" (bye-bye) now.

5. He has started loving hats. If Jared is wearing a hat, he will take it off and either put it back on Jared or put it on himself.

He also puts other things on his head and says "haaaa" (hat) which is pretty cute.

6. He brings his blankies and assorted stuffed animals into the living room every day. He usually climbs right up on the ottoman and sits there happily.

7. I was really sad to leave this sweet face for FIVE whole days, but...

Jared and I got to go to Chicago (which deserves a post of its own)!! We had a blast. We missed Paxton LIKE CRAZY and I got sad every time I saw a stroller, but he was in good hands and was VERY happy to see us when we got home.

8. We got home yesterday and spent the day soaking up our little toddler (who turned into a KID while we were gone--he seems so much bigger) and relaxing.

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