Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, as mentioned on Pax's 19 month post, someone has been awfully sick. He started running a fever the Saturday before his "birthday" and had a rash all over his trunk. I took him to the doctor on Monday since he had had a fever for three days at that point. Dr. Campbell did a strep test which was negative. He said it was just a virus and should clear up in a few days.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday evening, his fever spiked to 104. We freaked out a little and called the after-hours doctor. He said that a kid shouldn't have a fever for more than 72 hours and that if it went up any more we would have to take him to the E.R. He said the next day we needed to take him back to his doctor. Fortunately, his fever went down the rest of the night and was gone by morning.

He still had the rash, but we thought maybe it was an allergic reaction or something and unrelated to whatever else had been going on.

While he was sick, he was really sleepy and calm. A couple times he took two naps a day. We tried to keep him busy with calm activities like watching Mickey on the iPad. It was one of the first times he has just sat and watched it.

I think we are finally closing the door on the throwing food stage. Lately, when he's finished eating, he will pile all his remaining food in the cup section of his tray instead of throwing it down.

He also has been trying some Halloween candy this year. Last year he missed out.

And this year, he was old enough to paint his own pumpkin.

He has been loving his Cookie Monster lately, even though it doesn't sing anymore.

And now that it's cooler, we have been bundling up more to play outside.

And mowing with Daddy.

We had a small victory as parents last night. Paxton has been obsessed with turning off and on the TV and pushing assorted buttons. Last night, we got a mounting kit and mounted it. We haven't drilled holes for the cords yet, so they're awkwardly dangling, but we didn't want to wait and risk him pulling the TV off on himself or breaking it.

He can't reach it.

He was pretty disappointed.

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  1. And he went to the Omniplex and Aunt Teighynne's birthday. Those are important things.