Thursday, October 18, 2012


We carried on the tradition of heading south for the OU/Texas game last weekend. We missed it last year because Paxton was in a stage where he wasn't great in the car. I think we also missed it the year before when I was pregnant because Jared was out of town. Other than that, we have gone down every year since the first fall Tabatha and I were friends.

The trip and our activities have definitely changed since the first few years, but it is still a great time...I would say it's even better now that we have kids.

We headed down Friday afternoon. Pax took his nap in the car and did really well on the whole drive.

After checking in to our hotel, we headed to the Thompson's house for dinner. Tabatha is always the best hostess. She made us chili and corn bread for dinner.

The next morning, we decided to just watch the game at their house. It was right in the middle of Paxton and Blakely's nap.

After the game, we attempted a photo shoot of the babies. Paxton had peed through his shorts during his nap, ad Blakely was ready for her nap, so it wasn't hugely successful. It was fun though.

This was my favorite part...Blakely put her hand on Pax's shoulder:

And he grabbed her hand and held it!!!

Then he held on to her foot.

He melts my heart.

This was the end of the shoot...and hilarious:

The next morning before we headed home, we stopped at a cute little pumpkin patch.

Paxton had his first pony ride:

And petted some goats:

And a chicken:

And tried out the hay maze:

He also got to try out a bounce house for the first time. There was only one other little boy in there, who was just about the same age so it was perfect. They bounced around together for a few minutes and had a great time.

We had such a fun trip and loved getting to see our besties! It is amazing to watch our babies grow up together.

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  1. I sure love those pics of the babes! And I'm so glad you guys were able to make it this year!! We always have so much fun, and I can't wait to celebrate next year with THREE babies!!!