Friday, June 29, 2012

What a Week

This has been one of the craziest weeks we've had in quite awhile. I'm definitely glad the weekend is here and we can spend some time getting back on track.

Most notably, Paxton finally mastered clapping! He has been flapping his arms and saying "yay" for about seven months now, so we were very surprised when he suddenly figured it out (sitting on a table at Taco Bell no less).

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We have been having a little trouble getting him to eat veggies. He will eat any fruit in huge quantities but he only eats veggies if they're hidden. Jared thought he was pretty smart when he hid a green bean inside a spaghetti noodle (Pax's fave):

But Paxton just tossed it away:

And then cried the second time:

I thought this was hilarious...we were eating lunch with Jared last Friday when I broke out my newest toddler snack find. It was dried strawberries and bananas from Gerber. Pax was suspicious.

He ended up loving them but I love that we caught him checking them out skeptically first.

He has also been playing with his baby more often lately. He loves giving it kisses. I think it's super sweet because I was always a doll girl, but I know Jared hopes he grows out of it soon.

He's definitely a rambunctious little boy...he walks to the couch multiple times each day and demands "uhhh". He wants up to jump and fall and just basically go crazy on the couch.

He has also perfected the monkey "noises" (except for the part where he actually uses his voice box). He does "ooh ooh ahh ahh" very consistently now when he hears the word monkey or finds one of his stuffed monkeys.

My mom had to have surgery on Monday morning, so I have been with her a lot this week. On Monday, Jared had to take the day off work to keep Pax while I was at the hospital with her. Jared sent me this picture of a stroller ride to the park...Paxton was barefoot. I love those sweet little feet, and that I have a husband who thinks it's a special treat to be a stay-at-home dad, even if he takes our toddler to the park barefoot.

Now that my mom is resting comfortably at home, Paxton and I are reunited and we visit her every day.

She taught him pat-a-cake. He thinks it's awesome.

...really awesome:

Jared wouldn't let me buy these:

Jared and I were really impressed with ourselves when we found a solution for our restaurant difficulties with Paxton. He's usually happy when we're eating and okay to be confined while we eat, but he shrieks and throws things the entire time. The shrieking wasn't as bad because it was happy shrieking, but the throwing wasn't our favorite. His food would end up in the restaurant walkways and make a huge mess. We've both worked in restaurants and hate to leave messes like that for our servers. We have been working with him on not throwing food, and maybe half the time we can encourage him to eat it instead of throwing, but he still makes a mess. Today at lunch, we requested a booth and a booster seat and things went much better. He was tucked into the corner so his shrieks were muffled, and when he threw food, it just landed on Jared's side of the table and he could scoop it up and give it back to Paxton. Only one piece made it to the floor. Also, when he threw his sippy cup down, it just landed underneath our table instead of skittering across the floor to someone else's table. Everyone was happy.

And I can't help taking pictures when he falls asleep in his carseat...I think it's so sweet.

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  1. I love this entire post... the hidden green bean (hilarious!), his skeptical face, his doll, barefoot trips to the park :) and all the clapping! And I love love love that sweet little boy!!

    P.S. I hope your mom is doing well.