Sunday, June 10, 2012

Three Years and Other Adventures

On Wednesday, Jared and I celebrated our three year anniversary.

We went and ate at Othello's (where we had our rehearsal dinner) just like last year. We decided that the years we aren't on a trip for our anniversary, we'll eat there. We love the food and can't resist the tiramisu. It's also neat to be in the exact same place as last year, but so much has changed. Last year our anniversary dinner was the first time I had left Paxton. I remember crying as we left my mom's house after dropping him off. This year, we were laughing as we drove away from Granny V's after the drop off. Who knows where we'll be next year.

After dinner, we went to Fox and Hound and watched the Thunder game with Josh and Candy. It wasn't necessarily the way I had planned on spending our anniversary, but we were so glad to be there when the Thunder pulled ahead and secured their place in the Finals. We didn't get to Granny V's to get Pax til almost midnight.

This weekend, we decided we wanted to get Paxton a present to commemorate him (finally) learning to walk. We went to Target and walked the aisles forever trying to decide on something he would play with and be able to grow with for a little while.

He loves it!

On Friday, Paxton fell asleep on the way home from lunch with Daddy. I thought it was too sweet not to take a picture.

When he woke up, he was in such a good mood. He even treated me to some walking while thumb-sucking.

On Friday night, we went to Aunt Mal's work to eat dinner with her and my family. After dinner, we got to feed the ducks and swim. Pax had a blast.

On Saturday, we went to visit Granny Pat. She has an old Jeep with G.I. Joe's that Paxton likes to play with.

I love watching those two together. I love that he gets to have such a close relationship with his Great Grandma.

Someone has also been enjoying sharing his snacks with Scarlett.

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