Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HFM Update

When the doctor told us that Paxton's Hand Foot and Mouth Disease would last a week to ten days, I assumed he meant he would be miserable and rashy for all ten days. Apparently it's just the rash that sticks around that long.

On Sunday, just two days after the rash appeared, Paxton was pretty much back to normal. He ate really well and was much happier. He still looks terrible, and was still sleeping a little more than usual, but it was a huge improvement. I can handle a rash, but I hated when he was so miserable that he didn't want to play very much or eat anything. He is still on Advil and is fussy without it so he's definitely not healed, but this is definitely more manageable than I expected.

His poor arm:

And his legs:

That big one on his heel just looks miserable, but he's still walking around normally. He even smiled for a picture with his Daddy on Father's Day.

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