Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tulsa Trip!

Last week, we were able to take a little family trip to Tulsa. Jared had to go for work and Paxton and I tagged along. We were planning on leaving around 3:00 and getting there in time to eat and swim before the Thunder game, but Jared ended up getting hit on his way to drop a proposal off.

He had to wait awhile for the police and the tow truck and then for me to come get him so we were late. We grabbed some pizza at Top That when we got to Tulsa and it was amazing. You could build your own pizza and they had all kinds of meat and fresh veggies. Paxton was super tired from getting woken up from his nap to pick Jared up so he wouldn't eat. He just sat in his high chair like this:

We thought a swim in the hotel pool would perk him up, but he almost fell asleep in his floatie so we took him to bed early. Jared and I stayed up and watched the Thunder game. The next morning we got to eat breakfast at the hotel, but Jared had to leave in the middle to get on a conference call. I was not sure what to do with a baby in a high chair, and trash to throw away across the room. It made me appreciate how convenient it is to have two adults in situations like this.

Pax and I went back to the room and he took a nap while I packed up. Jared went to the radio remote that he had come for. When he got back, we went to eat at Chuy's. We hadn't been before but heard we couldn't miss it. They had the best salsa ever!

After lunch, we had planned to go to the aquarium but Pax had definitely been taken over by the HFM disease. He didn't eat lunch and was pretty fussy. Since we didn't know yet that he had HFM, we stopped at Walgreen's to get him some Orajel. We got to the aquarium a little later than we wanted to because of Walgreen's and traffic and it was close to Pax's nap time. I thought he would be so enthralled by the aquarium that he would be happy...or that he would crash in his stroller. Either way would be great. That's not what happened.

He started out ok.

He splashed around in some water with some aquatic creatures:

Gave kisses to Daddy (so sweet):

And stared at some fish:

And thought about which one he wanted to take home:

But he definitely wasn't happy for long. We had to take turns carrying him and distracting him and feeding him snacks. We even gave him the emergency sucker we had in the diaper bag. Nothing worked. We decided to head out, but couldn't resist stopping in the gift shop to get him a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. Jared stood in line while Pax pushed his stroller around the lobby...I think we annoyed people but at least he was happy.

We stopped outside to take some pictures:

(blue lips courtesy of the emergency sucker)

We tried one of Daddy and Pax, but somebody was done.

We hit the road right after that and he slept the whole way home. I'm glad that we found out the next day that he was grumpy because he didn't feel good. We were nervous that that was the new normal for traveling with a toddler. We had a fun trip in spite of our sick little guy, and hope to get back out there soon to try again. I bet he'll love it in a few months.

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