Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here are a few of the new things Paxton has been doing lately:
-bringing me books he wants me to read him then holding his arms up for me to put him on my lap.

-when we are on the couch, he comes over and says "uhhh" for up. He loves being on the couch and will go crazy climbing around and doing seat drops. He has also learned how to get down (feet first) and does that and then says "uhh" again.

-he understands "hot". If food is in front of him that he thinks is too warm, he will touch it and say "haaa" and pull his hand back. He also does this with bath water and the driveway when he gets out of the shaded place where we're playing.

-goes from sitting to standing without pulling up.

YouTube Video

-and most importantly, he can walk!!

YouTube Video

He has been taking one or two steps at our urging for awhile now, but wouldn't take more and would only do it when he wanted to. Jared has been tricking him in to taking a few more steps at a time, but yesterday afternoon, he figured it out. He can take several steps in a row now and will walk across to something that is a few steps away. We are so proud of him!!

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