Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fun in February

Paxton is constantly pulling up on everything

Looking a little terrified on his car from Santa
 This has been the most beautiful winter weather-wise.  I think Paxton has worn a heavy coat twice.  We have missed cuddling up under a blanket at night and making hot chocolate, but it has been a great first winter for Paxton.  We haven't had to worry about bundling him up whenever we go out and putting on mittens and re-adjusting his carseat straps to go over his thick coat.  He has stayed healthy and we have been able to play outside almost every day lately:

 Most of the time I just drag this toy outside so we get the benefits of the fresh air and the new scenery without getting dirty.  Our yard is pretty rough...we don't have much grass and I don't want Pax crawling around in dirt.  Hopefully this spring, lots of grass will grow...if not, hopefully Paxton will be walking.

Getting kisses from Scarlett

I love this picture, he looks so big

Paxton has been trying to pull up on his Jumperoo from underneath lately:
He has not been sucessful.

I think one of the sweetest things in the world is a clean baby ready for bed:

I made Paxton some apple bites...he liked them but had a hard time eating them...they kept falling out of his mouth.  I was laughing at him the whole time he was eating because I thought he looked like Mr. Krank on Christmas with the Kranks after he has his Botox.

We have been continuing the tradition of downtown Friday lunches with Daddy.  It's lots of fun.

We are still struggling with sleep regression.  On a normal day, Paxton will get sleepy around 10:00.  I usually wait a few minutes to put him down.  Once I do, he usually plays in there for at least an hour.  I go in several times and lay him down and pat his back.  As soon as I leave, he is back up and playing.  He will eventually give in and fall asleep for about an hour.  It is even more difficult to get him down for his afternoon nap.  He fights it for at least an hour and then will start crying every time I go in to lay him down.  He will cry until he sits or stands back up.  Sometimes I give up and let him get out of bed and play.  On days when I do this, he gets majorly fussy at 6:30 and will sleep until we wake him up at 8:30 for his bath and bedtime routine.  He is really fussy when we get him up because he hasn't gotten enough sleep.  I still can't think of any kind of solution.  I am looking at it as a phase.  The lack of a schedule wouldn't bother me as much if I knew he was getting enough sleep...but I don't know that.

At least he's fun when he's awake.

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