Sunday, February 12, 2012

79, 21 and a V-Day date

We had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday night, Jared and I went out for our Valentine's Day date. We went a few days early because we wanted to go on the weekend so we wouldn't have to keep anybody up late watching Paxton on a weeknight. Paxton stayed with Granny V and Jared and I went to Papa Dio's. We went there on Valentine's Day three years ago, but we just sat in the regular part of the restaurant. This year, we got to sit in the wine bar which was way fancier. It was so nice to just enjoy the meal leisurely and not have to feed snacks to a bored 10-month-old. We were talking about past Valentine's days and realized that this was our 8th v-day to spend together and our 9th as a couple (in 2005 I was in Florida at the Disney College Program). We tried to remember how we've spent them and could only come up with about five.

Paxton had a fun night playing with Aunt Maddy. He figured out that if he screams loud enough, she'll feed him pieces of her sandwich. He also mastered the step down into Granny V's living room.

Saturday afternoon we headed to Jared's grandpa's house to celebrate his 79th birthday. Paxton wore his snowsuit because it was so cold.

The whole time we were there, Paxton kept pulling up to the couch next to where Papaw was sitting and just smiling at him and talking to him. Jared caught this amazing and precious moment of Papaw reaching out to grab Paxton's hand:

It completely melts my heart.

Paxton loves hanging out with Granny V:

On Saturday night, Maesynne's best friend was turning 21 so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate. It was Paxton's first time at a 21st birthday. Hopefully he's that responsible at every 21st birthday party he attends (although maybe next time he should slow down on the snacks...).

This morning, Paxton showed off his new trick of standing on his own. His back is against the wall, but he thinks he's pretty big when he does this. See the proud face?

Now we're all cuddled up with blankets hoping for a snow day tomorrow.

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  1. HE IS STANDING!! Oh my goodness... He is just SO big! I also REALLY love that picture of Pax and Papaw's hand, very sweet.