Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Super Bowl

Paxton had a fever all day yesterday. It spiked in the early evening and he got a rash all over his body. We panicked and called his pediatrician's after hours number. They said it was some kind of virus and just to keep him hydrated. He was so miserable and just wanted to be held. He did try really hard to be himself, he was laughing and playing a little bit but it was obvious that he was miserable. He barely ate anything (which is really weird for him) and just wanted to sleep. Jared and I were watching a movie after we put him to bed and he was in there talking so I went and got him. He was just laying with us on the couch watching the movie which is crazy. He never lays still and doesn't really cuddle. I hated to see him feeling so bad but I did really enjoy all the cuddles.

So, after all that, he was a lot better today. He was still grumpy and wasn't eating much so we kind of expected him to sleep through the Super Bowl, but he didn't. In fact, he didn't sleep all day. He pulled up to the tv cabinet and watched the commercials up close.

During the halftime show, he was dancing to Madonna. He even threw in a few fist pumps and was cracking us up. Jared is pretty sure he got his moves from me.

He made it through the whole game but crashed pretty quickly afterwards. He was excited when the Giants won.

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  1. Poor babe. I hope he feels better soon. But he sure does look cute for a sick kid! Also, I LOVE that he was fist pumping. He definitely got that from you ;)