Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Paxton is eleven months old today. This is his last month of being a "baby". I am a little sad about it, but mostly I am enjoying the growing up. It has been really fun to watch him develop. He has been such an easy baby: he has always eaten well and slept well, he is content to crawl around and play on his own, and he's pretty tough when he's sick or teething. Of course, this does mean that he hasn't trained us for our next baby who probably won't be as easy...and I'm sure we're in for trouble during his toddler years because he's already stubborn. But, we're definitely enjoying him now.

At 11 months, Paxton:

-is really developing in the language department. He still says dada all the time. Now a lot of the time he will look right at Jared when he says it, or say it as he crawls towards Jared. He still won't say mama. He says "bababa" for banana, but not when he wants one...just when he's already eating it. He also says "daDA" for dogs. The emphasis is on the second syllable so it sounds a little different than dada for daddy. Again, he only says it when he's actually looking at them. Every once in awhile he will say "ba" for bite. It's rare. He also says "uh-oh", but not in the correct context he mostly just says it as he crawls around and if someone else says it first. He still says "yay" whenever he claps. The most obvious difference is his participation in conversations. If you ask him a question, he holds eye contact and babbles back. He will go back and forth for a few minutes before he gets bored. A lot of his babbling sounds like words.

-is still pulling up on everything. He has gotten really fast and can pull up with only one hand now...which is very convenient for taking toys up with him. He is cruising pretty far distances now...sometimes he will go all the way around the coffee table if there's a drink he really wants to knock over.

-can stand on his own for a few seconds. He can stand really well with his bottom propped against something without holding on, but this last week he mastered it without the wall. We have a hard time showing off the solo standing because he is quick to sit down when you grab his hands.

-loves chasing balls or anything else he can throw and then go after. That's his main way of playing right now. He also likes to take toys out of containers and sometimes put them back in. He uses his chasing game to go places he knows he isn't supposed to like his bathroom. He will throw a toy towards the door, go after it, throw it into the bathroom and then look over at his shoulder after us like "what? I gotta chase it in there", then he chases it in there. He also really likes his toys that make noise or music.

-has started kind of a hybrid crawl. It is more like regular crawling than it has been, he gets his knees up under him but his stomach is still not off the floor. Hybrid crawling is way faster than army crawling.

-is sleeping a little less. He goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:00 and is awake between 8:00 and 8:30. His sleep regression phase is over and he has gotten pretty good at going to sleep when he's put down. He takes his morning nap from 11-1 most days and then his afternoon nap from 3-5. I always assumed that when he went down to one nap he would drop his 11:00 nap, but he has skipped his 3:00 nap twice in the last week and done okay.

-is not loving his bottles. He has gone down to about 19 ounces a day and it is tough to get him to drink that. He prefers solids. We have tried to cut back a little on the solids to make sure he gets enough formula, but it doesn't help. He would rather go hungry. I think he's ready to switch to milk. Until then, we aren't really worried because he isn't losing weight. He eats a fruit and veggie for lunch and a meat for dinner. I gave him some cereal for breakfast for about a week, but then stopped because he didn't really care either way. If we go out to eat we give him some snacks and part of our food. When we eat at home, we usually put him at the table with us and give him a little of whatever we're having. He drinks six ounces when he wakes up, four ounces before lunch and dinner and five ounces before bed. We were mixing rice cereal with that bottle, but we stopped that and have started cutting it back to get ready for the transition to milk. He hasn't minded at all.

-loves to be outside. Taking him outside immediately stops his fussing or crying. He loves going on walks and swinging at the park.

-loves pets. He loves to look out the window at our dogs and say "daDA". He loves when they come in and usually tries to chase them around. He also likes Sticker. We were at Papaw's house for his birthday and Aunt Linda's little Yorkie was there, and Paxton chased him around too. I like that he isn't scared of animals.

-is getting his top teeth finally. His left tooth has poked all the way through today and his right side has a bump. His bottom gums are swollen too, so he might get more bottom teeth soon.

-can still squeeze into his 9 month clothes but the shirts are tight and the pants are super short. He is wearing 12 month clothes and some 12-18 month clothes. All his pants are 12-18 month for his tummy. He is still in size 3 diapers but only because we are in the middle of a box. We are probably a little past the point of moving to 4's.

-is still really sweet and smiley when strangers talk to him, but has a little separation anxiety. He always looks back at me before he crawls to someone.

-hates getting dressed. He hates being laid down. He is ok for a few minutes if he has something to play with, but if you take too long, he's not happy. He hates having shoes, hats, and jackets put on and he hates getting strapped into his car seat. He has started taking his socks off as soon as we're not looking.

-has a definite preference for doing things he shouldn't. His ultimate mission is to get into a bathroom. We try to keep the doors shut, but it's tough. He pulls up to everything and knocks things off. He loves to get in my bag and get snacks and toys out of there.

We are really enjoying our time with Paxton and love playing with him and talking to him. We really do love him more every single day and miss him so much when we're away from him...even for a short time. We are so thankful that he made us a family and that we get to have him as part of our lives. He's gonna do great things, I already know. We can tell he's growing up, his face looks older and he's acting more like a toddler. I guess it's time to start planning his first birthday!

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