Monday, February 27, 2012


Paxton has turned into a disaster during mealtimes. First of all, he has no interest in drinking a bottle. It is a fight to get him to drink four ounces of formula. Then, once we get him to the high chair for some solids, things go from bad to worse.

Today was an especially rough day. He's teething and has some allergies, so he's cranky. As I was putting the spoon in his mouth for a bite, he reached up at lightning speed, grabbed it out of my hand and threw it at me (full force). Let's put aside the fact that the kid clearly has an attitude problem way beyond his years (months) and focus on the fact that there is now baby oatmeal with banana all over my pants, the floor and the table.

After a quick wipe up (during which he screams continuously for more food), we are back to the meal. A few bites later, again with lightning speed, he reaches his hand into the bowl, grabs a handful and smashes it into his face.

At least he cleaned his hand off.

(and yes I documented the occasion instead of cleaning him off)

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  1. I. Feel. Your. Pain. Miss you guys!! Paxton has gotten sooo big!!!