Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend started off with our weekly Friday lunch with Jared. This week we went to Old School Bagel Cafe which is quickly becoming our favorite restaurant. Paxton chowed down on little pieces of turkey...he loved it. He's so funny at mealtime now. He is not interested in his baby snacks. He looks longingly at whatever we're eating. He's a little higher maintenance since we can't just dump out Puffs anymore, but I know it's part of growing who wouldn't want tasty meat instead of apple flavored cereal?

Friday night was pizza night, just like every week. Jared and I are big fans of having certain "nights" throughout the week. It probably stems from our love of everything to do with tradition.

Saturday morning was gray and rainy. Paxton slept in...he made it until a little after 9:00 instead of his new normal: 8-8:30. We got ready and met Granny V and Papaw at Johnnie's for breakfast. Paxton was pretty difficult through the meal. He was not interested in eating (which is really unusual). All he wanted to do was try to climb out of the high chair and squeal.

After his morning nap, I finally got to go cash in my mani/pedi gift certificate Jared and Paxton got me for Christmas. I tried to save it as long as I could...I made it to February. I came back home to a refusing-to-nap baby. He didn't sleep at all until bedtime, and he didn't even seem sleepy or fussy. We took advantage of the extra awake time by taking a family trip to Old Navy. They were having an amazing baby sale and Paxton needs bigger clothes. After shopping, we stopped at Peach Wave for a treat.

Paxton loved it. He tried some blueberries and was a big fan. I think the cold fruit felt good on his gums, his top tooth is coming through and we can tell it's bothering him.

We came home and got Pax ready for bed. He is super crazy in the bath right now. He has re-discovered splashing and the whole bathroom gets soaked. He loves getting his face wet (which I think is crazy) and when he splashes himself in the face he gets so excited and splashes more. It's a hilarious cycle.

Paxton was up super early on Sunday morning. He was awake by 8:00 and super hungry. He ate a whole banana in addition to his bottle. He said his version of banana the whole time. I'm not sure if it counts as a word or not...but he's definitely trying to say it. After a nap, we went to lunch at Taco Bueno and then to Granny Pat's house.

(this is his new cheesy smile)

He is so funny with Granny Pat. She always asks him questions and it seems like he's trying to answer her back. He really tries to have a conversation with her. She's the only one he talks to like that and I love watching it.

Gramsy and the aunts came over to see Paxton before dinner and he was showing off all his tricks. He was cheesy grinning and fake laughing and saying "uh-oh". He's a ham for sure.

He got some new pajamas at Old Navy. Daddy picked them out and they are Darth Vader. He put them on and immediately turned into a toddler:

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