Thursday, September 11, 2014

August in Review

August went by even faster than the last few months and somehow it's already September! 

We stayed busy in's what kept us busy:

Porter had his one year check-up where he was officially deemed short and chunky (80th percentile for weight and 26th for height...). 
We went to the Farmer's Market almost every week. We ate lots of fresh peaches and tried some new foods too. 
Uncle Josh and Aunt Candy visited and we had a blast with them. 
We went to the Science Museum several times...with Uncle Josh and Aunt Candy, with Kristine and Noah, with April, Ben and Emeline, and by ourselves. 
We went to our first Durham Bulls game. 
Paxton started preschool. 
Porter and Emeline hung out. 
We rearranged some things and combined all the toys downstairs to make one play area. Paxton is a huge fan. 
We played at Pump It Up with our mom's group and Paxton asks to go back every day. 
We rescued a kitty from the animal shelter after watching Paxton fall in love with a cat at the lake and start asking for his own almost daily. He named him Norman and both boys are in love. 
Porter finally decided to start walking and we have been chasing him ever since. 
And of course we kept up with our usual summer activities, pool time, cookouts, ice cream and playing outside. 
We had an awesome summer and packed it full of everything two little boys could hope to do in the summer. We have officially filled our house with pumpkins and owls and mums and more pumpkins and are ready to see what all these huge NC trees look like in the fall, and get growing boys some new jeans and find the best pumpkin patch and break out the crock pot and the bread maker and see what this fall has in store for us!

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