Monday, September 29, 2014

17 months

Porter is 17 months old now!
At 17 months Porter is confidently walking and starting to go pretty fast! He can stand up without pulling up (he started a few days after his 16 month update) and wants to be walking at all times. If he's in the stroller, he wants out and if we're carrying him, he wants down. He's still content in the shopping cart and in the high chair...probably because Paxton is contained too. 
He thinks he's a big kid now. He wants to do what what Paxton is doing and has no patience for baby things. He thinks he can climb what Paxton climbs, run where Paxton runs and swim like Paxton swims. 
He says lots of words...from the ridiculous things Paxton has taught him (like "um I don't know" and "app buh-day" (happy birthday) and "no no no no no") to the more normal and useful words like "yes", "help", "eat", "down", "bah bah" (bye bye) and "out-sah" outside. He answers "yes" to pretty much any question we ask him and has started saying "kish" (kiss) when we give him kisses. He can count to two (da, du) and does it whenever he's carrying two things. 
He knows tons of animal noises (sheep, goat, cow, pig, duck, tiger, lion, dinosaur, monkey, cat, dog, bird, bee, and fish). 
He is pretty easy most of the time. He's good at restaurants, he's good at the store, and he can play by himself at home. He is starting to test his limits and likes to throw things (I wonder where he learned that...) and get things he knows he isn't supposed to. He has some separation anxiety and sometimes will cry in his crib wanting me to come hold him. 
He is wearing 12-18 month pants and 24 month or even 2T shirts and pajamas. He's still short and fat. His feet have grown a ton since he started walking. He was in 3.5s at 15 months and when we got him measured a few days ago, he was a 5.5. 
He loves cars and toys that make noise but his favorite is being read to. He likes to play with Paxton and do everything he does. He loves his milk and will drink so much that he throws up. He likes cheese, fruit, bread and butter pickles, spaghetti, mac and cheese and fruit snacks. 
He doesn't like being out of my sight, having his diaper changed, having his hair brushed, vegetables, or meat (although he will eat almost anything when we're at a restaurant). He hates loud noises and when we won't let him play with our phones. 
When we ask him how old he is, he will hilold up one finger. He can say his name "p-p-poe-tah". 

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