Sunday, September 14, 2014

758 & 866

Another special Saturday is in the books. This time we kept the magic going the whole day and as I was tucking Paxton in last night, he said he had a wonderful day. 

We started the day with some McDonald's breakfast. Paxton has been begging for IHOP but I had no desire to try that solo so McDonald's pancakes were the substitute. 
After breakfast, we decided to try a new park. It was cloudy and a little rainy but it was cool!
The boys had lots of fun and we had the park practically to ourselves...which turned out to be a good thing a few minutes after this picture...
Apparently Paxton inherited his dad's propensity for motion I was pushing him he said "I'm gonna burp!" Which I translated as "I'm gonna bump". I thought maybe he was nervous he was going too high...but a few seconds later his clothes, his shoes, the swing and the ground underneath him were...messy...

We left. 

After some lunch and a nap, he was back to normal. 

We went to Pelican's Snoballs for sno cones. Paxton decided he would try green...probably because the giant size on the display is a green one. 
While we waited in line, Paxton helped himself to a seat on the curb and started singing the Little Einstein's theme song at full volume for everyone standing in line. 
We came home and cooked out and watched the OU game on our patio. The boys ate for about a solid hour. I think they're in a simultaneous growth spurt but I'm a little nervous about our grocery budget. 

It was a pretty sweet Saturday. 

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