Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Zoo and Dallas

Jared took the day off on Friday and it was the perfect day to take the boys to the zoo. 
Paxton liked looking at some of the animals but was mostly excited about getting to run around. 

Porter was just happy to be outside. 

We couldn't leave without riding the train which Paxton loved when we came last summer. This time...he was ok with it at first but was definitely ready to get off about halfway through the ride. It didn't help that the driver kept waiting for more people and there were no animals to see this time.

We left the zoo and headed straight to Texas for our annual OU/TX trip to hang out with the Thompsons. 

It was a good trip and we almost made it the whole way without stopping (we would have if there hadn't been so much traffic) we had to take a quick break to feed Porter but Pax made it the whole way without a break, and he didn't even take a nap! That gives us hope for all of the OK to NC trips in our future. 

When we got to the hotel, Pax was excite to see that our room had a balcony!
He was obsessed and kept saying "Mommy outside" for me to come out with him. We had pizza and candy and just spent some time together as a family. It was really nice. 

Paxton said he was calling Blakely. I think he was excited to see her!
After baths, it was time for bed. It was our first trip in 2.5 years to not bring the pack and play. Pax got to sleep in a big boy bed! 
He did really well. He stayed in bed all night and fell asleep even with us right next to him and the TV on which has never happened before. We usually have to put him in the bathroom in complete darkness and silence for him to fall asleep. He's growing up!
Porter got to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. 
The next morning, we headed over to the Thompson's house to watch the game and hang out. Pax and Blakely had an adorable moment as we walked in. 
They had such a good time playing together! This year was my favorite one so far because they spent the whole time just hanging out and playing together. It was adorable. 
Even though the game was not good, we always love getting to hang out with our besties!

We left Sunday after lunch and hit tons of traffic...we barely made it home in time to celebrate Teighynne's 25th birthday! 
We ate dinner at Bricktown Brewery in Edmond (where both boys made it obvious that they were done doing what we wanted then to do) and headed to my mom's for cake and presents! 

It was such a perfect weekend!

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