Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Big Move

So with Jared's clients at work and telling extended family members and so on, I wasn't sure when our big move could officially become common knowledge...I'm assuming that since our house is officially inhabited by a new owner and we are actively perusing new homes, I should probably make it official.

Jared was offered a big promotion at work with one string attached: he would be working out of the company's Durham, North Carolina office. His company flew us out back in March when I was still pregnant with Porter. We fell in love with the area, but were hesitant because NC is so far from our families and we are both really close to our families. We were leaning towards not taking it, but the more we thought about it, the more we realized that now is our chance to try something new. We have both always lived less than 30 minutes from where we were born (with the exception of the one semester in college when I did an internship with Disney World and lived in Florida) and we both had an itch to live somewhere new. Paxton has three more years until he starts school and at least five more years until he needs to be in the school district he will grow up in. We had turned down this opportunity before and while we didn't regret not going, we always kind of this time, we said yes.

Telling our families was the most difficult part, followed very closely by selling our first house, but we did it and things are moving forward. We put our house on the market on Aug 1st assuming it would take a little while to sell since we needed to sell for a pretty specific price since we bought it one year ago. Our realtor was extremely motivated and showed our house nine times in the first four days and had two open houses. By Day 6 we had an offer for more than asking price. Since we had planned on taking a few months to sell the house, we had decided that we wanted to be in OK for the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas mainly), and we wanted to take our time and find the perfect house in NC, so Jared's dad graciously offered to let us move in with him.

So that's where we are, crowding Jared's dad out of his own house, living out of boxes while most of our stuff is in storage, and searching Zillow multiple times a day for that perfect house. Wish us luck!

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