Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oktoberfest, the Fair and Lots of Sickies

-We've been spending a lot of time at the doctor lately...Porter went from his Croup/ear infection straight into a cold which turned into the Miller Family Stomach Flu Disaster in which we all came down with the stomach flu at once...we are back to runny noses and coughs now but that doesn't seem so bad compared to the stomach flu....

-Paxton learned to share. This usually leaves Porter with a lap-full of toys, remotes and sippy cups. He doesn't mind. 
-Moving day came and went...we had a Chick-fil-a picnic on the floor of the empty living room....
...and watched the movers moving toys...
...until Paxton had a breakdown and we ended up shut in the empty master bedroom while the movers finished. At which point I tipped a guy who wasn't a mover and Porter pooped on the floor. 
-We went to Oktoberfest in Choctaw. It was hot. Paxton saw the $5 for 2 minutes bounce house and had a fit. We left after 30 minutes. 
-We went to the fair. We took Pax (and Porter) to Disney on Ice. The darkness and the whole sitting in a chair thing bothered Paxton and by the third song we knew we had to leave for the people around us...
But while we were at the fair, Pax got to ride his first ride! We bought 5 tickets which seemed like a lot...but we got back to the kid's area and it was barely enough for one ride. By that time, Porter was ready for bed and Pax was grumpy so instead of looking for an ATM and standing in the ridiculously long ticket again to buy a ticket for Jared or I to ride something with him, we just threw him on the first kid's ride we could find...little cars that went in a circle. He was okay at first but ended up crying each time he passed us. He loves watching the video of it now though...
-We tried a new grocery store and they had car carts. We found out the hard way that the buckles are important. 
-Pax got his first library card! 
-Having no mortgage payment gives us a lot more disposable income! One night we went shopping at the new outlet mall and just bought a few things we wanted without thinking about the budget. Then we went out to dinner. It was awesome. 
-Pax got a hair cut. Of course it made him immediately turn into a little boy..except for the part where he screamed and cried the entire time he was in the chair. Even with a sucker. 
-Porter passed his 6-month development test while we waited for the doctor to come see him about his stomach flu...amazing how spending an hour laying on paper waiting for a doctor will inspire a baby to rip up the paper...I was thinking back and didn't remember Paxton ever ripping up the paper (aka "passing his 6 month development test") and I think that's because our regular doctor never makes us wait that long!
-Porter had his first sippy cup...mostly because there were no bottles clean and it was easier to get this out than wash them. It took it without a problem. I love these Nuby cups for babies. 

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