Friday, November 1, 2013


I've really been struggling lately with how fast my boys are growing up. I know I should have expected it since it's really the only thing people say from the time you announce your pregnancy on and to a certain extent I did...but each day I usually have at least one moment where I think to myself "try to remember this exact moment because by tomorrow he's going to be so much bigger" so I try to...but inevitably it slips away. So I wanted to record some of those moments here.

-I'm lying down with Porter as he falls asleep. His tiny fingers search for something to grab and he is immediately content when they find my fingers. Even in his sleep, his little face turns towards me and nuzzles into my arm. I'm always surprised by how much closeness he craves and how it is so obviously his love language to be snuggled. 

-I'm sitting next to Porter as he starts waking up. He's kind of an unpleasant guy when he first wakes up...he needs some time to cuddle and zone out with his pacifier before he's ready to go. After a few minutes, I pick him up and he breaks out in a huge grin and squeals. I bring him in for kisses and he opens his mouth wide and lunges for my face. He has recently mastered baby kisses and we both think they're awesome. 
-it's my night to give Porter a bath so he and I are in the bathroom alone while Jared and Pax clean up the kitchen. Porter remembers that he likes to kick and starts kicking his feet and making huge splashes. I have a brief flashback to Pax doing the exact same thing at this age. It's always so cool to find similarities, especially since they look so different! Porter is so proud of himself for his splashing abilities. 
-Jared and Paxton stayed at home while Porter and I went grocery shopping. At Target he was perfectly content in his car seat just looking around. But by the time we got to Sprouts, he was over it and ready to get out, so I got him out and plopped him in the shopping cart for the first time. He had the best time. He was looking at everyone and giving everyone the biggest smiles and he just kept grinning at me like it was his best day ever. Sometimes it makes me sad that he never got the chance to be an only child and have all the attention, especially moments like this when I see how he flourishes with individual attention. We need to be more intentional about having one-on-one time with both boys. But either way, I know the best gift we gave them was each other. 

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