Friday, November 1, 2013


This year was my favorite Halloween so far. I loved that Paxton was old enough to (somewhat) get what was going on. He got excited when he saw pumpkins anywhere and always asked to go look at the lights at Target. 

We kept the pumpkin carving tradition alive this year and Paxton got his own pumpkin to paint. 
I love this side-by-side comparison picture of Paxton and Porter both in the same onesie at 6 months. They don't even look like brothers!
And then here they both are for their first Halloween in the puppy costume. 

Paxton was Mickey this year which he thought was pretty cool. He got excited and yelled Mickey every time I got the costume out. He would NOT wear the gloves though. I was expecting to have to fight him to wear the hat but he kept it on. 

And of course they had to have matching monster jammies!
(Pax found these socks in my sock drawer and was immediately obsessed with them. He asked to put them on pretty much every night with his pajamas.)

On Halloween morning I made Pax a pumpkin waffle with apple butter and a mandarin orange face. It wasn't Pinterest-worthy...
...but he asked for seconds and thought it was the coolest thing ever. 
I mourned a little bit that this could be my last Halloween to see this onesie...
...I'm sure I'll be a mess when I have to pack away the first Christmas outfits. 

Jared always has to dress up for work and we always get a picture of him in his costume. This year there were two little costumed boys to pose with Jared. 

And I had to get one of just Jared and Porter with Porter's face actually showing. 
Last year we only really let Pax trick or treat at a few houses and they happened to all be people we knew because he didn't understand the whole standing on the porch and waiting for candy part and would just walk in the house when the door was opened. So this year I had a talk with him about the process and we were so proud when he got it! He trick or treated about 10 houses and by the last few he was saying "tick teet" and thank you! Then he would say "more candy, more tick teet" and run to the next house. I have never loved trick or treating as much as I did last night. 
We had gotten the boys dressed up for pictures at home before we left but then took Porter's off because it was too fluffy to fit in his car seat. Apparently we both thought the other person had grabbed it and ended up in Edmond without it! So poor Porter spent his first Halloween in his dirty white onesie without a costume. Poor second child. 
He was in the wrap anyway...but it still made me sad!

We went to Whataburger after trick or treating with Granny and Papaw and Granny V and Aunt Maddy to get some ice cream. Porter was sound asleep and Pax laid down on the filthy restaurant floor too. I think they had a long day. 
Then the sugar from the few pieces of candy we let Pax have hit him and he was crazy!
Despite forgetting Porter's costume and the event we tried to go to in Downtown Edmond being way too crowded, we had a great Halloween! These two boys are so lucky to have two grandmas who get them special Halloween treats and plan their nights around seeing their grandsons. 

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