Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Walks and Baby Food

Now that Porter is six months old, we've been trying to get serious about feeding him solids. With Pax, we were really into it-we fed him solids twice a day and went by the three days of one food before trying something new rule and the veggies first rule. With Porter we are doing the whole second time parent thing. We feed him maybe once a day, usually once every two days. He refused veggies (like mouth clamped, head turned away refusal) so we moved on to fruits or fruit and veggie combos. He's not really into eating off spoons so we've also gotten him some of the pouches and he loves those. 
Prunes are his favorites. 

We've been hanging out with Gramsy...
And playing trucks...
And working on our cool factor...
Pax was not a cuddly baby. He preferred to be put in his crib and go to sleep on his own. When he woke up, he was too busy playing to spend time cuddling. I always told Jared that I wanted our next one to be a cuddler. He is. Porter loves to be touching me at all times. He only goes to sleep for naps if I lay down with him and cuddle him. When he wakes up, he needs to be cuddled for a few minutes before he's ready to play. 
I love it. 

He has been sitting in high chairs and shopping carts sometimes. Again, we're doing the second time parent thing where we just do it if it's convenient, not all the time. 
Both boys modeled Porter's mustache pacifier: 
And we've started going on long walks at Lake Hefner. 
Paxton's new thing is climbing on the table to entertain Porter while he eats. 

And it was finally cold enough for this baby to wear a hat! I just love baby hats. 

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