Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Paxton is obsessed with ringing the doorbell at Grandpa Mark's house every time we get there. A few days ago, he ran up to ring the doorbell and found his Christmas present from Grandpa Mark waiting on the porch!
His find involved lots of jumping up and down and alternating between yelling "beep!" (Jeep) and chanting "car, car, car". He was one very excited little boy. 

He and Grandpa couldn't wait until Christmas and built the Jeep "together" after Pax's nap one afternoon. 
And now he's obsessed with it. He rides it every time we're outside and he drags it in from the garage and rides it all around the house. Luckily enough, the halls and doorways are extra-wide since the house was revamped to accommodate Jared's grandpa's wheelchair so the Jeep can go pretty much anywhere. He still has no idea what the steering wheel is for and prefers to ride around holding onto the windshield and then crashing into everything, but he's getting good at holding the gas pedal down for longer amounts of time. 

It is without a doubt his favorite thing in the world right now.  

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