Friday, November 1, 2013


Here are a few of the moments I have tried to commit to memory of Paxton lately:

-Paxton cracks me up in the bath right now. I can tell he misses the pool because he is trying to finish mastering his new swimming skills in the tub. We're having morning bath today since it's Halloween and we probably won't do it tonight. Porter is asleep so it's just the two of us in the bathroom and he is eating up the attention. He says "night night" and lays down to float on his back. Then quickly flips to his tummy and blows bubbles. He grabs his Mickey bath toy and says "bath" so I squirt some soap on Mickey and Pax scrubs him with a wash cloth. I ask him if he wants to get out and he says no so we stay in a little longer. He makes Mickey walk along the edge of the tub and then jump on top of the shampoo bottle. He thinks he's hilarious and cracks up at himself. His giggling makes me laugh so he does it over and over. 

-he's in a stage right now (probably because of the move and our temporary living status) where he doesn't really like being alone. He always wants us in the room with him. He's been melting my heart a lot lately by asking to do something and then when I say yes, he says "mommy ___" (With whatever the activity is). We were at my mom's house and he wanted to go see the fishies and I told him yes. Then he said "mommy fishies" and waited for me to come too. With his speech delay, I love that he has found a way to communicate that he wants to be with me. 

-when we were trick or treating last night, I went up to a house with him and there was a little boy about his size handing out the candy. His eyes got huge when he saw Pax dressed up as Mickey and he said "mommy it's Mickey!!" Then started giving Paxton handful after handful of candy. Pax reached into his bucket and grabbed a piece and put it in Aunt Maddy's bucket like he got the game. It was adorable. 

-Most days Porter is asleep during Paxton's lunchtime so Pax and I get a little one-on-one time while he eats. We usually use this to work on his flash cards. Today he said "mop" which is code for "I'm ready to do flash cards" so we did them. He really concentrated on each word and was so proud of himself. We worked on his letters afterwards and he knew all of them except G, H and Q. He loves learning! 

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