Monday, August 26, 2013


Yesterday started like any other Sunday. I was up before the boys and out the door to work at the church nursery by 9:00. I didn't get Pax out of bed that morning. I got home from church and after lunch, Jared put Pax in his crib for what would be his last time. A few hours later, Jared, Porter and I were napping on the couch when we woke up to Paxton talking and laughing. I went in to get him. As I walked down the hall, I heard his sound machine playing music. I had a brief moment where I wondered if Jared had turned it on for him for his nap time even though we never do that. Before I opened the door, I knew what I would find on the other side. Paxton was out of his crib playing with toys! 

Honestly, we knew it was coming. We have come in to get him several times and found him like this:
But we thought we had a little more time. That first climb out was enough for us. His bed is high off the ground and neither of us wanted a toddler with a broken arm, so we pulled the trigger on the big boy bed. And in case that wasn't enough of my babies growing up, we realized that Porter was four months old and could now start rice cereal. 
So last night, we stuck to our nightly routine with Pax: bath, jammies, clean up, sound machine and rocking, and then I had a little talk with him about how important it was that he stay in his bed and go night night. I honestly was expecting a rough night. I thought as soon as we left, he would be out of bed and it would probably take us several trips in there putting him back to bed before we gave up and he fell asleep on his floor at 2 am. He amazed us. He tried to get out of bed ONE TIME while I was giving Porter a bath right outside his door. Jared went in quickly and told him to stay in bed. He did. He slept all the way through the night without getting up once. This morning, he woke up and moved around in bed for a few minutes and then reached through the rails to grab his book. I went in to get him and he asked "up?" I told him he could get up and he did. It really could not have gone better. 

I knew that nap time would be a different story. It usually takes him at least 30 minutes to settle down for his nap and it seems like they have been getting shorter lately. I laid him down and read him two books. I tucked him in and told him to stay in bed. He fussed a little but laid down. I watched on the monitor as he laid there for awhile, then crawled to the edge and started getting down. I told him through the monitor to stay in bed and he froze. He fell asleep with one leg on the floor. He took a 3 hour nap and again stayed in bed when he woke up until I went in to get him. I was so surprised! He knows he can climb in and out because he did that all evening after we put the bed up and all morning as he was playing...I have no idea why it worked out so well. We are also not counting on this sticking. We are assuming it was beginner's luck, but enjoying it while it lasts!

I can't believe that I didn't know it was my last night to put my big boy in his crib! I guess that's why they say you remember the firsts but never the lasts...

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