Monday, August 12, 2013

Science Museum with Blakely!

Last week, our besties came to OK while Jared was out of town (AGAIN). One afternoon, we woke Pax up from his nap a little early and met Tabatha and Blakely at the Science Museum.

Pax and Blakely had the best time running around together. As soon as we got there, they both got in this line for a ride that was way too big for them.

Pax thought the roller coaster track was a slide...

They splashed together in the water table:

And played house:

My favorite part was when Pax took Blakely's drink so she took his drink...finally they were both sharing Paxton's drink. He would give her a sip,

Then take a sip...

They both just waited patiently while the other one took a drink. It was adorable.

Pax ended the date with a kiss.

I just love watching them interact together now that they're a little bigger. Pax has been asking for Blakely almost every day since she left!

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