Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Boys

Once again, I haven't kept up with the blog. We've been really busy getting ready for a big change that is coming up, but I want to document these moments!
Porter is getting huge! Almost everyone makes some kind of comment about how "healthy" he looks or about how he doesn't miss a meal. It's true. He likes to eat. I like having a big healthy baby, especially since sometimes Paxton's kisses and hugs aren't that gentle. He needs to be tough.

Speaking of the little tough guy, we survived our first trip to the E.R. as parents. If you would have told me that our first trip wouldn't be with Paxton as a result of a climbing episode gone wrong, I wouldn't have believed it. In fact, the trip had (probably) nothing to do with Paxton.
Friday afternoon, Porter was a little fussier than normal. When Jared got home, I noticed that he had a large red place on the back of his head. It was a little swollen and I couldn't tell if it was a rash or a large scraped area or if he had hit in on something. I decided to play it safe and call the after-hours number for our pediatrician. They did not make me feel any better. They said I needed to take him to the after-hours doctor immediately. Jared stayed home with Pax while I took Porter. I still was pretty sure it was nothing, but now that the ball was rolling I had to see it through. We checked in and the receptionist said that the doctors on call wouldn't see a baby before four months...well, Porter is three months and a week so I thought that was silly. The other receptionist came over and said that there was one doctor that would see a three month old. We waited and waited and finally got to see the doctor. He came in, took a quick glance at his head, made me undress him to inspect his body, and then said that the good news was that he didn't suspect child abuse because there were satellite bumps. I think (and hope) he was kidding...He said that he had no idea what it was and that if Porter was a few weeks older, he would call another doctor in for a second opinion, but as it was he would have to defer on this. I asked him if he thought it was serious enough to take him to the E.R. and he said he didn't know but that I probably should.
We dropped Pax off to spend the night at Granny V's and Jared and I decided to take him to Children's Hospital instead of Mercy even though Mercy was closer. We didn't want the whole newborn thing to deter us from getting a diagnosis.
We got to Children's around 9:00 and got back to see a doctor about 15 minutes later. The first doctor was unsure what it was and called in a second doctor. By this time, the swelling had gone down almost completely and it was looking much less red. The doctor made the comment of the night that our boy was a chunk (seriously everyone at both places made some comment about his size) and said that it just looked like some kind of irritation. He thought it could have been a bug bite or something else, but since the swelling had gone down on its own we shouldn't worry.

I maybe should have followed my instincts and let it go after the first doctor visit, but I'm glad we got the peace of mind. By the next morning, it was completely gone and he was back to normal.

Aside from that, we have been taking lots of brother pictures...

Which sometimes turn into this:

But other times, I capture something like this:

I had no idea how Paxton would do as a big brother, but he has completely blown me away with how consistently sweet he is with the tiny, loud person that came in and took over his room and his mommy and daddy. He lays his head on Porter's tummy almost every day. He always asks to hold him, he gives him kisses several times a day and tries to give him his pacifier if he's fussy. Every time I get Pax out of the car, he runs over to Porter's side of the car and says "baby" to make sure I bring Porter in. I'm just so proud of him.

Porter got this outfit from Aunt Teig and Aunt Mal and he looks so big in it!

Paxton has been obsessed with coloring lately.

He likes to make scribbles as he says the letters of his name. I think he really thinks he's writing his name and I love it.

Both boys love their Gramsy.

Paxton is really learning a lot in speech. As we were walking out after his second session, he pointed at me and said "Mimi". Anna, his speech teacher, asked me if that's what he called me. I said it was. She crouched down and said "Paxton, can you say mommy?" It seemed like he just completely ignored her, but as we were eating lunch that day, he looked at me and was really concentrating and moving his mouth around and he said "mommy" perfectly. Now he says it all the time and is so proud of himself.
It definitely means a lot to me, especially since he has never called me the right thing. He went from blowing a raspberry when we asked him to say mama, to calling me dada for months, to Mimi. He would say mama every once in awhile, but just when we asked him to. It is such an amazing feeling to hear his little voice calling me mommy. It was probably my favorite Mommy Moment so far.
After he mastered that, we had to work on Daddy since he calls a few different things (doggie, bubble, bye bye) dada. He got it!
And while I'm gushing about how awesome being a mom is, this little guy is pretty much exclusively nursing now!

I have pumped maybe three times in the last three days, and it has only been when we are somewhere awkward during a feeding session. I even nursed him in our room at Children's Hospital! I am so proud of him for picking it back up! In fact, he even prefers it and doesn't really like taking bottles now. My feeling about this are too intense for this post...our journey probably deserves a post of its own.
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