Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Family Lake Trip

Two weekends ago we packed all our stuff and took a lake trip with my family. We headed down Friday after work.

Saturday morning, we hit the water. Paxton is a big fan of the boat.

My boys and I:

The Captain and his son:

Paxton loved all the attention. It was really the first time I let him swim in the lake. It makes me so nervous because you can't see the bottom, but we started slowly by letting him play in the shallow water at the beach and as he and I got more comfortable we moved deeper.

Paxton had the best time. He played in the water almost all day and was fine without a nap. By the end of the day, he was just sitting on the floor of the boat, barely splashing in a bucket of water because he was so exhausted. Porter enjoyed the boat too. His life jacket made him feel like he was swaddled so he slept most of the day. And it wasn't too hot so we were able to keep him comfortable in the shade the whole day. Porter and I also had a mommy/son victory when I was able to nurse him on the boat. It was my first time since I gave up (and started exclusively pumping) after the first month to be able to nurse him until he was completely satisfied.

As everybody started to get tired we headed back to the cabin. After the traditional Soda Steve's dinner, we hung out and watched movies. Even though this isn't the best picture by any means, I love the candid shot of my little family.

We had a fun trip. The weekend we take my mom and sisters is always my favorite lake trip of the summer!

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