Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Catching Up

Because what else can you call a post when it has been weeks since you last posted??

We have been busy soaking up these last few weeks of summer, selling our house, figuring out our next step, and just enjoying each other!

Pax got a new Curious George monkey and has been taking it everywhere. He took it to the park which I thought would mean I held it while he played but he proved me wrong! He carried that guy with him everywhere. It was really sweet to watch him slide George down the slide and say "weee George!"

We went to Kaleb's third birthday party where we got an adorable picture of the boys with Aunt Teig and Aunt Mal. Now if only we could get a good family picture!

Paxton is still doing great at the big brother thing. He still loves holding Porter and playing with him at all times.

His favorite thing is when I put Porter on his monkey mat on his tummy. Paxton yells at him to roll over and then when Porter does, Pax cheers and claps and then yells "AGAIN".

We've been taking tons of family walks on the trail by our house. Pax is always in his own little world. He walks down the middle of the path so that bikers and runners have to go around him, he stops to smell every clump of flowers and point out every baby bunny, and of course we have to stop at the playground.

We also have to stop and look at the water...which is ok with me because just look at these two:

We've been hanging out with Grandpa...

And getting fro yo...

And at the end of August we had a family fun day! We wanted to make sure we took Pax somewhere fun for his last summer in OK (for awhile) so Jared took the day off.
We went to Andy Alligator's water park which was just perfect for Paxton!

(he had way more fun than this picture makes it look like)
And Porter got some good naps in.

We took Pax home for a quick nap and then we went to the Redhawks baseball game that night!

Pax even got his first Dippin' Dots.

We've been trying to soak up our last few weeks of living right by a Dunkin' Donuts...

We went to a Back to School Festival at my mom's church where Pax was an absolute wild man.

He had an awesome time though!

We tried library story time again and he liked it so much better than before. He even put up with the group of four 8-year-olds (why?) stealing his toys and making him wear certain hats to play with certain toys. Unfortunately I forgot Porter's bottle so we had to leave early.

We've played outside a lot...

And we hit up Oktoberfest in Choctaw.

We played (FINALLY) at the new Myriad Botanical Gardens splash pad and playground. I've been wanting to go all summer! We happened to go the night of an outdoor concert which made it even better! And we got to see the new Devon Tower at night.

Porter gets to bounce in the Jumperoo now that he's four months and Pax likes to bounce him in there. Porter always just watches Paxton. You can tell he think Pax is the coolest guy ever. I love it.

Porter also sat on his own for the first time on Friday (on the table at McDonald's because we're classy like that). He is hitting all of his milestones so early except the one I care most about...sleeping through the night!

He had a four-month sleep regression which I guess is common...I didn't know about it because Pax always just slept...so for about a week, Porter would only sleep around two to four hours a night and then want to eat. For the past few nights he has been back to sleeping for 6-8 hours at a time so hopefully that sticks.

He has been a lot happier lately!

And he has started playing with toys which is fun!

Paxton has been sleeping in his toddler bed for awhile now and has done so well. After that first night (where he got out once), he hasn't gotten out again! He stays in for naps and doesn't get up until I come in to get him. Then he claps for himself and hops down and starts playing. I am so proud of him!
Porter has had the croup for the last few days. I think he has a mild case...he has a pretty low fever and only coughs a few times a day and throughout the night. Hopefully he gets better on his own!

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