Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sick Baby

Porter started coughing on Saturday night a couple times, but I honestly didn't think much about it. Jared was at the OU game and I was spending some quality time with my fam. As the boys and I headed home, Porter started crying in his car seat which he NEVER does. By the time we got home, he was really worked up. I scooped him up and he stopped crying immediately, but sounded a little wheezy. I texted my mom and she said it was probably just residual from crying since it had cleared up as soon as he calmed down, so I didn't worry.

By the next morning, I was pretty sure he had croup. He didn't really have symptoms besides the cough and a tiny fever (99.6) but that cough is definitive. I consulted Dr. Google to see if I should call the after-hours number or anything and most things I found said there wasn't really any treatment anyway so I just watched him Sunday and Monday. By Tuesday morning he seemed a little better and his cough sounded more like a normal, productive cough.

Then on Wednesday morning, he woke up wheezing and I decided that this had gone on long enough. I called Dr. Campbell. He didn't have any appointments that day so we had to see Dr. Simmons (who was Jared's pediatrician when he was little). He confirmed that Porter had croup and that he should be starting to get better morning wheezing is normal and expected. There's not really a treatment for mild croup. However, when he looked in his ears, he noticed that Porter had an ear infection! I felt terrible because I had no idea! He hadn't really had a fever or runny nose or been fussier than usual. The poor little guy had been in pain for who knows how long.

Now that I know he has an ear infection, I have noticed some of the signs: he pulls away several times during each nursing session, he doesn't like to lay down, he is a little fussier at night and is wanting to eat every few hours throughout the night.

Hopefully he starts feeling better soon! I hate that he's sick.

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