Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pulling Up!

Paxton pulled up for the first time today! We've known it was coming for a few days now...he has been reaching for the tops of things and he pulled up to his knees at my mom's house on Christmas. Today, we both watched as Paxton scooted over to the ottoman, grabbed the top and pulled. We both knew it was coming so we both scrambled for something to record the big moment. We ended up both getting videos with our iPads...apparently we're kind of spoiled in the technology department (thanks to Jared's dad) but it definitely paid off today as we caught the milestone from two different angles.

YouTube Video

Jared was so glad that he was home to see it in person. He usually just gets pictures or videos of the actual event and then gets to see it later. I'm so grateful that I get to stay home with Paxton so I can see all his milestones and take pictures. We all sacrifice a lot for me to stay home and days like today make it so worth it. I loved seeing the proud look on his face as soon as he did it (and then each time after that).

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  1. Love this!! And love his face afterwards! Way to go Paxton!!

  2. Yay Paxton!! I love love love his proud face!!! Such a big boy!

    PS- I love the new blog look. Super cute!!