Thursday, December 22, 2011


 Paxton is nine months old today.  It feels like I was taking his eight month pictures two weeks ago.  It seems like every month goes faster than the last month.  I think he's at my favorite age right seems like I feel that way pretty much every month.  I am just really enjoying watching him grow up and learn new things.  I am doing my best to just enjoy every minute because I know it goes by faster than anyone expects.
 Here is what Paxton is up to this month:
  • His social skills are expanding so much lately.  I think this is the biggest change we have noticed.  He tries to repeat things we say and do.  He says "dada" to Jared sometimes.  Most of the time when he says it he is just babbling, but we definitely think he knows what it means.  Thanksgiving was the first time he used it correctly.  He looked right up at Jared and said "dada", it was precious.  He has done that several times since then.  If he's fussy in the car, we can say "dada" and he'll repeat it and then just take off babbling.  When he is told to say "mama", he just says "mmmm".  He'll get it soon.  He also says "mmm" when he takes bites of food or a drink.  He shakes his head no if someone does it to him.  He is still doing the "w" face and the fake cough.  Sometimes I ask him what Santa says and he fake coughs.  Jared taught Paxton to click his tongue, and Paxton will repeat that also.  If he isn't sure how to repeat something, he will resort to the tongue click. 
  •  He is taking baths in the big tub and he loves his rubber duck and splashing.  His fearlessness is definitely an issue in the tub.  When his toys float away, he tries to crawl after them.  We have to keep our hands on him at all times.  
  • He can still squeeze in to his six month onesies, but some of his nine month Carter's onesies are getting pretty tight.  His jeans are 12-18 months.  He has also grown out of nine month pajamas and is in 12-18 months.  We moved him up to size 3 diapers. 
  •  He is army crawling all over the house.  He goes from room to room now.  I've been waiting for him to crawl to come find me and that finally happened yesterday.  He was in the living room playing and I was in the bathroom getting ready.  He crawled all the way down the hall and into the doorway.  Then he just sat there and talked to me and smiled at me while I finished getting ready.  It was so sweet.  He chases his car that he got for his six month birthday all over the living room.  It's his favorite toy right now.  He plays with it all day and fusses when it gets stuck somewhere.  
  • He's getting really fast at going from laying down to sitting up.  Most mornings when I go in to get him, he's sitting up in bed.
  • He lifts his arms to be picked up.
  •  He is obsessed with the Christmas tree and is constantly taking off ornaments and trying to open presents.  We had a metal stocking hanger stand that we had to put up because he kept pulling it over on himself.  
  • He loves to play with balls.  He also chases those all over the house, but his favorite is when we sit across from him and roll the ball to him.  He rolls it back and gets so excited.  He flaps his arms and squeals.  He will roll it back and forth with us for hours. 
  • He is still on a very similar schedule to his eight month schedule.  He wakes up between 9:00 and 10:00 (usually at  9:30) and eats 7 ounces.  He plays until about 11:00 and takes a nap until about 1:00.  Then he plays until lunch at 1:30 (usually 4 ounces in a sippy cup and either rice cereal and a vegetable or a jar of something with meat).  If we have errands to run, we usually go after lunch.  He is up until about 3:00 and then takes a nap until 5:00.  He eats dinner at 5:30 (usually 4 ounces in a sippy cup and fruit and oatmeal).  Jared and I usually eat around 6:30 and he usually wants in on that.  We either give him some puffs and other baby snacks or pieces of what we're eating.  Last night we had spaghetti and he got some too.  He is usually a little fussier than usual from 7-9.  We give him a bath at 8:30 and he has a 7 ounce bottle and goes to bed at 9:00.
Spaghetti Night
"W" face

  •  He has perfected the pincher grasp and can pick up tiny pieces and slippery food and feed them to himself.  
  • He has had more table food lately.  He's tried grilled chicken and the chicken inside chicken nuggets, fries, avocado, shredded cheese, bread, and a lime.  He loves it all.  So far the only thing he won't eat is a Cheerio.
  •  He loves standing up still but is not pulling up yet.  He has great balance, so when he figures it out, I think walking won't be far behind...he's fearless so I don't think that will be an obstacle.
  • He has started smiling when I get the camera out or hold my phone up.  He only does it for me, but I am able to get pictures of him smiling pretty consistently.  He is also reaching for the camera most of the time. 
  • He can find "hidden" toys.  If I put one of his toys under a cup, he immediately knocks the cup over and gets the toy out.
 He is such a sweet and fun little boy.  Sometimes when we're playing with him, he'll stop for a second and lay his head down on our shoulder and cuddle.  Then he's back to playing.  He's a really busy baby, he doesn't like to sit still or be confined.  I love watching his personality develop and I wonder what kind of little boy he will be. 

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