Friday, December 16, 2011

Muffin Top

We went downtown today to eat lunch with Daddy (Friday tradition) and this little guy was sporting a muffin top with his new Gap jeans.

He's so outgoing and loves people which is amazing because he gets lots of stranger attention. Everywhere we go, someone will come up and talk to him and he always has a smile for them. I love it because I think it makes them feel good. It's also nice that I don't have to worry about him bursting into tears when a stranger approaches.

He is in a phase right now where he needs to be eating when we're eating. If we're at home, it's not as bad because he has lots of toys to distract him...but when we're at a restaurant it's a different story. I've tried bringing toys, but he just throws those on the ground. We usually have Puffs for him which works pretty well, but we thought we could try Cheerio's since they're cheaper and they come in a huge box. Apparently Paxton hates Cheerio's. He refuses to eat them when they're in front of him (which is very unusual for our little vacuum cleaner). So, every time we eat out, I spend most of the meal tearing off little pieces of the baby appropriate parts of my meal...I don't mind sharing but it takes a lot of time, and he is so excited about grown up food that he shoves it in his mouth all at once and then squeals until I replenish his supply.

So, Paxton and I went to the store today and bought this:

$17 of baby snacks. Hopefully that will last us for quite a while. (I'm sure all these snacks have nothing to do with that cute little muffin top)

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  1. I love that little muffin top! I wish it was that cute on big people...