Sunday, December 11, 2011

From Crawling to Sitting

Paxton has officially been army crawling for a little over a week now and he's gotten really efficient. He sees tiny Christmas tree needles or maybe a dropped Puff on the floor from across the room and army crawls straight to it. The past few days he has also been obsessed with making his way into the kitchen. It's probably because he knows there are Puffs on the floor under his high chair that he would like to snack on (what? He's in the throwing phase...I can't possibly keep up with him and maintain a clean floor) but I prefer to think that he just wants to be close to me while I do dishes or bake Christmas cookies.

The first few days of army crawling were pretty easy. He was slow and awkward. He would see something across the room and his face would light up and he would start for it...but I could always beat him. Not anymore. He's super fast now...and he has eyes like a hawk. He can literally see the tiniest pieces of fuzz from across the living room and speed crawl over and have it in his mouth before I can walk three steps.

He can also pretty easily go from sitting to crawling position and then back up to sitting. He was playing on the floor on Thursday night while Jared and I watched the Office, and all of a sudden we saw his little head pop up above the coffee table. We looked over and he was sitting there playing with a toy. I kept asking Jared if he was sure that he didn't leave Paxton sitting up...Jared kept saying he was pretty sure...but we just couldn't figure out how he did it. Well, he has been practicing since then and now we know how it happens.

1. The lean: he is playing happily but suddenly sees something he wants across the room. He leans towards it.

2. The All Fours: ready to scoot across the room (don't worry this quickly flattens out into the army crawl position. He still rocks back and forth but has yet to crawl more than two crawl steps in this position).

3. The Army Crawl and the Reach: (look at that cute jeans it)

The Tripod: the transition between crawling and sitting. It's funny to me that he gets in the correct crawling position before laying down to army crawl and then as he's sitting up...wouldn't it be more efficient to just crawl correctly?

The Sit: the final product plus his proud face.

He really seems like he's growing up lately. In the past week he has started army crawling, sitting up from laying down and started making tons of new sounds and doing new tricks. He has started saying "ba", "ha", and most importantly "ma". He hasn't said mama yet and he's only said ma about three times but I know it's coming and I can't wait! He has also started a little game where he puffs air and wants air puffed back at him. His puff face is adorable and Jared thinks it's fun to make him puff by rubbing things across his face.

I think the other reason he seems so much bigger now is that he's understanding more of what's going on. If I ask him if he wants to go outside he flaps his arms and starts breathing really fast. He loves watching cars drive by. He loves standing up and he always tries to lean back really far when he's standing. He also likes to shake his booty when he's standing. On Friday morning when I went in his room to get him, he was sitting up in his bed. I know that means he's growing up.

At least we have the thumb sucking to keep him a baby for a little longer.

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