Thursday, December 15, 2011

The First Present of Christmas

We let Paxton open his first Christmas present on Monday night. We thought of a lot of good reasons to do it:
1. Our first Christmas celebration will be Monday night at Jared's mom's house. That would be where Pax would open his first present...and how could his first present not be from us?
2. He was bored of his toys and needed a new one.
3. He would be getting so many toys for Christmas that he might not even play with this one.
4. He had already started opening it a little anyway. (apologies to our families...most of the presents under the tree are a little bit opened or have teeth marks or are missing a bow...)

...But I think the main reason we let him was just our excitement. He was excited too.

Yep...that's a bow on his head. And Jared didn't object. Now I'll be satisfied if I never get a daughter.

What is it?

Merry Christmas!!

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