Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Little Student

Our last summer with no school children passed and pre-K started. Paxton was kind of excited about school and kind of nervous about it. He would oscillate between wanting to go and saying he was staying home forever. Thursday morning he woke up, had a waffle and some fruit and got dressed in his first day outfit. 
All the parents got to join our tiny big kids on their own special playground. When the bell rang, the kids lined up and yelled "see ya later alligator" to all the parents and went in to conquer the day. There were no tears. 

Porter, Jared and I went to breakfast together and even though Porter was kind of grumpy, we were in shock how much easier one kid is. 
After breakfast, Jared had to head to work so Porter and I hit the park. He loved the one-on-one time and having my full attention. 
We were about 20 minutes early for our first pick-up, but we did get to drive past the playground and see Paxton and he looked happy!

When he got in the car, he told us that they watched a movie about Elmo, ate Inside Out fruit snacks and colored with markers...."just kidding, we colored with crayons". 

The second day, he needed a picture on the porch again...
So far, I haven't been as emotional as I thought I would be. Of course I miss him as soon as I drop him off, but I know he's having a blast playing with a bunch of kids his age and getting to color and do age-appropriate crafts and I know the structure and routine will be great for him. Plus he's only gone for two hours so we barely have time to miss him!

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