Monday, August 17, 2015

Information Day

Paxton had Information Day for Pre-K today and Jared and I are kind of in denial that our tiny baby is big enough to go to school. 
We got there right when it started because we are first-timers and we are over-eager and also have no idea what's going on in the elementary school world. We were surprised to see a line out the door...but we powered through. Porter laughed and shot chewed up waffle all over the school map but we kept powering through. 

Granny V gave Paxton money for his school shirt and he was so excited when we got the bright orange shirt that he put it on right there in the cafeteria. It is his first orange shirt...and hopefully his last. 

Then it was time to meet his teacher. I was nervous. Ok, I was freaking out. We were going to see the room he was going to be in every day and his very first teacher. She was so nice and she asked Paxton lots of questions, and even though he lied to her and told her we haven't been swimming this summer, he seemed like he liked her. 
He was excited that his classroom had a mailbox and some cars to play with. We even found his cubby with his name on it. He did not want to leave his school supplies there in the community tubs, especially the glue sticks, but he went with the theme and powered through. 

He hasn't dicided yet if he is willing to go back on Thursday for his first day, but now we know there are toys that he's excited to play with and a teacher that will keep him engaged. I guess we're really going to send our baby off to school.

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