Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Moments Between the Highlights

I have gotten kind of lazy on this whole blog thing. I document the big things we do on a somewhat regular basis, but a lot of the everyday life gets lost and those are the moments make up P&P's childhood and I want to remember them!

Jared has remembered how much he likes golf so he has been playing that a lot this summer leaving the boys and I to find our own fun. One night, Granny V invited us to the rodeo and we said yes!
There was a little too much time between events which made these active boys a little too antsy. We made it until about 9:00 and at that point Paxton was running at full speed away from us and laughing hysterically so we knew it was time to go. Porter enjoyed watching the horses and pigs run around and Paxton liked people watching. 
We went to Hafer Park one morning and fed the ducks. 
The boys had a blast but we quickly ran out of bread because they were throwing whole slices instead of tiny pieces. And those geese are aggressive. We quickly made a run for the playground. 
And now that we have a van, we can throw stuff in the back...like the Jeep! The boys had a blast driving it around the walking trails. Porter tried to get out while Paxton was driving and ended up face planting on the trail...but it was nothing a Sonic slush couldn't fix. 
We had what Paxton considered his favorite meal ever at Flat Tire one Friday night. They have smores that come with a tiny little fire for the table to roast marshmallows on. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. 
And there was a live musician whose drummer was sick, so he needed a replacement. 
He picked Paxton and Porter and they got to sit up at the front with him and at the drums while he actually performed. 

Bubbles have been the highlight of the backyard this summer. 
We have had some lazy afternoons as a certain 4-year-old makes the transition to a non-napper. 
Baby Brooks is hanging out with us a lot and he is starting to be a good playmate for his cousins. 
After one of our lake trips, the boys couldn't stop talking about the cat that lives at Soda Steve's so we took them to the pound and adopted Sirio (or Cereal depending on who you ask) and the boys are totally in love. 
They look for him as soon as they wake up and usually kiss him goodnight before bed and can be found snuggling him and trying to wrestle him throughout the day. 

We have been going through more fruit than I could have imagined. Porter discovered cantaloupe and ate half of one for dinner one night. The boys had their first plums and loved them. And one day I was helping Porter go to the bathroom and when we came out, we found Paxton on the couch surrounded by strawberry tops...he had gotten our brand new unwashed and unchopped strawberries from the fridge and eaten the whole container (except for two). 
It has rained a lot and with two boys who need to play outside, we have played in the rain more than once. 
The boys favorite thing to do is go to the pool and this summer has seen their swim skills improve by leaps. Paxton is totally independent in his floatie and can jump off the side, swim to the steps and repeat. He is working on holding his breath for "a long time" this summer but isn't convinced that he's ready to try swimming without his floatie. 
Porter has mastered the Puddle Jumper and can also jump off the side on his own and has started to be able to swim where he wants to go. He is great at blowing bubbles in the water and has started holding his breath and putting his face all the way in. These boys love the water. 
(The picture of Porter couldn't be shared online because he decided to play in the sprinkler in his natural glory)
Paxton has been picking out his own clothes and working on getting dressed all by himself this summer. One day when we didn't have to leave the house, I gave him free reign. He went with all light blue and all backwards. 
Whataburger had a super hero night and when we told Pax about it, he asked to wear his Iron Man costume. We planned on putting Porter in his favorite Batman t-shirt but when he saw Paxton all dressed up, he had to join in. His costume is a fireman and that totally has to count as a hero! 
Whataburger was packed and we had two hungry boys so we consoled them with Braum's...Paxton refused to take his costume off. 
We got some stares and some wistful looking glances from a few older boys. Paxton thought he was the coolest thing ever. And unimpressed Porter was just glad to get to experience his first milkshake-strawberry!
We celebrated Audrey's birthday. Paxton picked out a pink toaster for her and when she opened it, he recognized it and ran over to show her how it worked. He was so excited. Porter picked out a doll with a toothbrush and she sent him a picture later that night with her baby and the toothbrush at dinner. 
Paxton loves matching Porter and every night asks if they can wear matching jammies. It's precious. 
Porter is such a mama's boy and hates when things like a window separate us. He climbs on my lap multiple times a day just to "nuggle" and follows me around yelling "hold you" when I'm trying to get stuff done. 
The boys have been obsessed with fake napping together and seriously spend most mornings fake sleeping and hiding from each other in the covers. Who knew the bed would be their favorite toy?
They have been playing together so well for the past few weeks. They have always fought over the silliest Happy Meal toy or unsticky sticker or broken Hot Wheels car so I thought these days would never come. They are so cute pretending together, even though Paxton bosses Porter around the whole time. 
They have also finally figured out how to play separately and I love sneaking in to watch them. 

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