Monday, August 3, 2015

A Day in Norman

With an empty weekend stretching in front of us, Jared and I were brainstorming activities. We bought Jared's Jeep in Norman and since we spent a few minutes there doing that, we have been wanting to go back and see what has changed and what has stayed the same since we lived there in college. 

We tried to get there in time for the Farmer's Market but a certain toddler was in a potty strike and the Starbucks line was really long so instead we drove around a little bit and reminisced before heading downtown. We ate lunch at my favorite Norman restaurant, Bison Witches, and it was fantastic. After lunch, we walked around a little bit and then decided to test out the family-friendly side of Norman that we had not previously experienced. Adams Park was highly recommended so we stopped there. 
The boys had a blast and the plastic equipment had some kind of coating that kept it from being unbearably hot AND the little kid's playground was fenced in! That's huge for me because Porter is fearless at the park. He likes to try to jump out of openings where there are ladders so I have to spend most of my time chasing him around which means I can't keep my eye on Paxton as much as I'd like to....
The park had a splash pad too and my kids cannot resist water. We didn't have swimsuits so they just went in their shorts. 
It was a really fun day and as we were leaving Paxton told Jared "I'm so tired from having fun that I need a nap". He quickly denied saying this and insisted that he wasn't (yawn) tired at all. 

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