Friday, August 8, 2014

Uncle Josh and Aunt Candy!

Uncle Josh and Aunt Candy came to visit us last week. They even got to stay at our house to maximize our time together. We had a blast!

As soon as they got here, Pax got comfortable...
We packed a lot of fun into their visit. We went to lunch at Elmo's their first full day here...
(Where Porter fed Paxton lunch)

...and then took them to see Duke. It was pouring rain so we spent a lot of time at the basketball museum. 
We also took a quick peek at the chapel and the football stadium. 

That night we ate sushi and did our first of many rounds of baby shopping at Target. Candy just found out she's having a boy so we had to look...

The next morning, we went to the Farmer's Market where there was a bubble guy that the boys we're enthralled by. 
While we were downtown, we took them to the American Tobacco Campus to look around and we ate lunch at Tyler's which was amazing. 
That night we cooked out bison burgers (from the Farmer's Market) and watched a movie. 

On Sunday, Uncle Josh said he needed a day of rest so the boys hung out and played video games. Candy and I didn't need a rest day so went to lunch at Chili's and stopped at Carter's. We had actually gone the day before also and had some rewards to cash in...
Then we got pedicures and were asked if we were sisters. 
Paxton was pretty happy about his new rain boots. 
That night, Uncle Josh was still on his rest time so we ordered a pizza and watched a movie. 

On Monday, Paxton wanted to take them to the science museum, and they agreed. After breakfast, we made the trip. 
Everyone keeps telling us that we need to try chicken and waffles ASAP and we just hadn't yet, so we went to Dame's for lunch to try it. It was amazing. Paxton ate 75% of my meal and Porter was grabbing food from Aunt Candy's plate the whole time, so I'd say we were all fans. 

For dinner, we went back downtown and ate at Mellow Mushroom (where Josh and I were asked if we were brother and sister). It was our favorite place when we came out to visit Durham last year so we make everyone eat there. 

The next morning, we woke Uncle Josh up "early" and went to Rise for some donuts. 
Then we went to Chapel Hill to see UNC (where a random guy called Candy and I twin girls with twin babies...). Their basketball stadium was closed so we had settle for the basketball museum. 

My kids acted like this:
They had fun though and it was empty except for us most of the time. 
On the way home we stopped at Trader Joe's and then Southpoint Mall to shop and eat lunch. 

That night we made tacos and hung out by the fire pit. 

The next morning, they had to leave and Paxton was not happy. 

We had such a fun time and ate lots of good food. It's always great to have family come visit and get to be a tourist in your own town. 

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