Friday, July 25, 2014

15 Months!

Porter is 15 months old today!
He hasn't really made any progress on the walking front. He still walks behind push toys and holding our hands at lightning speed and cruises all over the house, but he will still only take one solo step at a time and that is only if he's tricked into it. He is still not really a fan of standing on his own. If we let go of his hands and leave him standing up, he will stay for a few seconds and then sit down. He even makes the disappointed groan when he does it. He's just not interested. 
His speech is a completely different story. This kid can talk. He repeats tons of words. His new words lately are bye bye, yep, da (dog), ba (bird or bug), ababa (alphabet) and iPad. He repeats "I love you" now. He also used his first two-word phrase last week, "uh-oh Pah Pah" (uh-oh Paxton) when Paxton was being crazy and dropping stuff at Braum's. 
He can understand a ton of things we say and follows our commands really well. He points to his nose, ear, hair, tummy and sometimes eyes. He points to himself when Gramsy asks him "where's Gramsy's baby?" He could point out all my sisters when asked and tried to say all their names. 
He has gotten a little pickier with eating lately. He will shake his head no if he doesn't like things and make a disgusted noise. He will also throw food down if he doesn't want it. He still loves bananas (and pretty much all fruit) and will drink milk non-stop. 
He's still such a cuddler. He slept with me two nights on our vacation and each time he woke up during the night, he rolled over and cuddled to go back to sleep. He still needs some cuddles in the morning before he's ready to get down and play, too. 
He loves cars, toys that make noise and books. He is obsessed with our iPhones and will whine for his "app" when he sees one. He likes to be outside, especially in the water or sliding.  
He has been able to drink from a straw for several months now, but has recently figured out that our drinks are better than his. Now he always wants my drink. He is good at pointing at what he wants and saying "dis". He will also go over to the refrigerator and bang on it if he wants milk or go to his high chair and yell "up" if he's hungry. 
He is such a happy and sweet little guy. He's getting at least four teeth right now and aside from being a little more of a mama's boy than usual and exorbitant amounts of drool, you can't even tell. 
His trademark right now is saying "boom" whenever anything falls or makes a loud noise. It cracks me up every time because he will just be sitting there, playing calmly and someone on TV will trip and he'll smile sweetly and say "boom". 

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