Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 4th

Since Jared and I have been together, we have only spent one Fourth of July doing anything except the Edmond parade, a cookout, another cookout and the UCO fireworks. This year it was up to us to find our own traditions. 
Breakfast on the Fourth is donuts. It just is. It's American. I haven't had a Krispy Kreme in probably a decade...and after this visit I remember why...but the boys loved them. 
We headed to Carrboro for the morning. Our friend's husband's band was playing there and it sounded like a fun festival. 

We got tattoos...
And Porter played in the water table while Paxton jumped in the bounce house. 
Then as we were walking out to the car, we passed the fire station and the garage was open. There was a firefighter standing there and he told the boys they could look around and gave them little fire hats. 
Even the bounce house couldn't beat a fire hat and seeing the inside of a fire truck for a certain three-year-old. 

Since we were so close to Trader Joe's and since I have been begging Jared to take me since moved here, we got to stop and get some groceries. Paxton got to push his own cart. He loved it. The people whose ankles and carts he bumped into didn't. 

After naps, we cooked out and then had cake. Paxton helped me make our flag cake the night before and had been talking about it constantly. He thought it was a birthday cake, so we stuck candles in it and sang happy birthday to America (well, Paxton sang happy birthday to me). 
Then we did some smoke bombs which Paxton thought were amazing....
...especially when Jared would throw them up in the air after he lit them...

We also let him hold a sparkler when he asked (after I made Jared hold one to make sure the sparks wouldn't burn him). 
He and Porter both got to do Pop-pops too. 

Then we gave our sticky boys baths and loaded up for the fireworks. We went downtown and watched from the top of a parking garage. 
Porter was obsessed and kept pointing at them and then looking at us to make sure we saw. Paxton thought they were awesome and kept asking for more when they were over. 

It was a really fun day!

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