Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pullen Park

Our weekends have been really busy for the past few weeks with Jared playing football on Saturdays and then me helping at the church nursery on Sundays, so this weekend we decided to take Sunday and have a family day. 

We started the morning with brunch at Benetis.  
Paxton couldn't stop talking about the pancakes. 

Then we went to Pullen Park. It's a park with a train, a carousel and a kid's boat ride in Raleigh. It was pretty awesome!

We let Paxton ride the boat by himself the first time. He had a blast. 
The second time, Porter got to go too and he loved it even more. 
They waved at us every time they saw us. 
And Porter cried when we got him off. 

Paxton started begging to ride the train as soon as he saw it. We tried to get him to play on the playground a little first, but when he wants something, he wants it. 
Our last stop was the carousel. Paxton was really excited at first and picked out a horse to ride. 
Then I told him the horse would go up and down and he looked incredulous...
...and nervous...
He hated it. He cried the entire time. 

We took him straight to the sand and water area where he skinned his knee and seemed to forget all about those scary horsies...until that night before bed when he got tears in his eyes and said "no have a bad dream about horsies. Horsies are scary" and shattered our hearts into a million pieces. 

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