Monday, August 18, 2014

Take Me Out To the Ballgame

Saturday night, we finally made it to a Durham Bulls game! Paxton has been asking to go to a "bees-ball game" for weeks now, so we knew it was time. 

We were excited on the way to the game. 
We ate at Que before the game. 
Then we headed inside!
Paxton saw the playground and wanted to do that. Then we went to the mist tent...we actually spent very little time actually watching baseball. 
The playground was by the ice cream stand, and as soon as Paxton saw a kid with a cone, our fate was sealed. 
Finally, at the bottom of the 7th we made it to our seats. 

After the game, there was a fireworks display. They shot them off from Center Field directly in front of was loud. 
Paxton had a blast and was already asking to go back as we were leaving. 

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